OnkoDisruptor® Exp 

Veterinary Electroporator for Ect

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Discover the evolution of Veterinary Electroporators.

Veterinary Electroporator OnkoDisruptor® EXP, must be used for veterinary adjuvant or neadjuvant veterinary electrochemotherapy ECT in companion animalsequine, exotics and laboratory animals. This apparatus must be exclusively used under the supervision of a qualified veterinary doctor.

OnkoDisruptor® Exp Veterinary Electroporation Kit


Years of scientific research

Hand-built in Italy

2 times faster

..2 times less discomfort for animals.

The Veterinary Electroporator, designated as OnkoDisruptor®, is a state of the art of the Veterinary Electrochemotherapy apparatus which is the evolution of the veterinary electroporators successfully used by our group over the past 15 years.

The characteristics of the train of permeabilizing waveforms, as well as the configuration of the novel electrodes specifically developed for this equipment, make the Onkodisruptor® Expunique product for Veterinary Electroporation. Regarding the unique features of our product we state that the novel pulses are 2 times faster than the previously developed electroporation systems and cause 2 times less discomfort to the animal.

Accessories :

OnkoDisruptor®: Veterinary Electroporation kit.

Variable span reusable and removable Clamp electrodes

Included in the electroporation kit

Reusable and removable Six-needle unshielded electrode

Reusable and removable Two-needle shielded electrode

Included in the electroporation kit

Reusable and removable Two-needle unshielded Stick electrode

Reusable and removable Plates unshielded Stick electrode

Reusable and removable Two-needle shielded electrode.

Boxes of 5 – 10 – 20 – 30

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Technical Specifications:

OnkoDisruptor® Exp Vet Electroporator 

  • LCD Display : 16 column by 2 rows.

  • Control Panel : 3 keys

  • Indicator Lights : Instrument Ready – Error – Battery Charging – Fully Charged Battery

  • Pulse Train Voltage : from 300 to 1500 V

  • Maximum current : 5 A

  • Battery Life : minimum 100 x 1500V pulses

  • Time to fully recharge empty battery : 12 hours

  • Battery Charger : INPUT 100-240 V AC 60/50Hz 300mA OUTPUT 24 V DC 500mA 12VA

  • PC connection : USB port

  • Instrument Weight : 5.5 kgs

  • Instrument Size : 34 x 27 x 12 height cms

  • Accessories : Variable span re-usable and removable clamp electrodes Re-usable and removable needle electrodes.

Info and Quotes
DAS srl, manufacturer of the ONKODISRUPTOR ® complies with the European Directive 2006/42/CEE

Quality Management System (ISO 9001): Working Procedures and Instructions for

• Design process control;
• Manufacturing process control;
• Tests and Checks.

System documentation:
• Technical documents;
• Risk analysis;
• User manual;
• Service manual.

Directive 2006/95/EC regarding low voltage safety and related standard:

EN 60950 : Information technology equipment – Safety

Directive 2004/108/CE – directive regarding electromagnetic compatibility and related standards:

EN 55011: Industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio-frequency Equipment. Electromagnetic disturbance characteristics. Limits and methods of measurement

EN 61000-6-1 : Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Part 6-1: Generic standards – Immunity for residential, commercial and lightindustrial environments

EN 61000-6-3 : Electromagnetic.

Veterinary electroporation Protocol

All the Vet Electrochemotherapy ECT sessions must be performed on previously anaesthetized animals and possibly adding an additional loco-regional anesthesia for highly sensitive areas..

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