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Veterinary Electroporation Protocol

Electroporation Protocol

For veterinary electrochemotherapy treatments:

In Veterinary Electroporation Protocol, all the Electrochemotherapy ECT sessions must be performed on previously anaesthetized animals and possibly adding an additional loco-regional anesthesia for highly sensitive areas. The treatment can be repeated at 1-2 week intervals until the therapeutic goal has been achieved.

The operator must treat the tumor (or tumor bed in case of adjuvant therapy) and in case of local therapy 1-2 cm margins can also be treated depending on the histotype. Recommended drug dosage should be: 1 mg/cm3 for bleomycin and 0.5 mg/cm3 cisplatin.

Otherwise, in Veterinary Electroporation Protocol,  User can administer drug(s) according to the dosage approved per specific animal type undergoing treatment.

After 5 minutes, apply electric pulse trains on the area to be treated using appropriate electrode.

The possibility of delivering traditional drugs and new synthetic molecules through equipment which facilitates the specific uptake by the tumor cells, will allow for a signifcant reduction of unwanted side effects, while maintaining, or even increasing, the pharmacological efficacy.

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Veterinary Electroporation