Veterinary Electrochemotherapy

Scientific Research

Our scientific team has published in the last 15 years many articles on Electroporation and Electrochemotherapy. These studies have allowed us to design and improve the electroporator Onkodisruptor® Exp for Veterinary Electrochemotherapy

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OnkoDisruptor® Exp

Electroporator for Veterinary ECT


Designed for Vets

with the highest quality standards.

Biopulse biotech Italy is the sole source of such equipment specifically developed for Veterinary professionOnkodisruptor® has been purchased from many specialized veterinary clinics and universities for Veterinary Electrochemotherapy around the world.

How does it work?

OnkoDisruptor® is only for Veterinary Electrochemotherapy (ECT). The electroporator generates a train of 8 biphasic pulses that have been stabilized by a dedicated software program. Such pulses have an interpulse of 10 microseconds and have a 50+50 microseconds duration. The instrument voltage goes from 300 up to 1500 volts and is regulated by the operator. An acoustic signal is generated each time the apparatus successfully discharges the train of pulses and there is a safety switch that triggers an autodischarge program if the impulses are not delivered within 30 seconds.

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choose Us:

  • Our equipments are manufactured with the highest quality standards.

  • We assist our clients step by step providing technical and scientific support 24/7.

  • Our customers have a very high satisfaction rate and a short ROI.

  • We support ethical treatment of animals and our studies are completely cruelty free.
  • Electroporator Onkodisruptor® is unique and there are no other electroporators on the market with the same Scientific Results.

  • Our partners and manufacturers are certified company UNIEN ISO 9001 and UNIEN ISO 13485.



Beware of imitations, many products on the market as well as not producing any scientific and clinical outcome can be dangerous for patients and operators.

OnkoDisruptor is the undisputed leader in the veterinary field with a vast scientific production and an unrivaled customer satisfaction.

Onkodisruptor® (only for Veterinary Electrochemotherapy) conforms EU certifications: EN 60950 /55011/ 61000-6-1/ 61000-6-3

Our Clients:


Onkodisruptor® is extremely “user-friendly”. The availability of the technical service and assistance, makes the use of Onkodisruptor® a winning experience.

Dr. Paola Valenti (ITA), Clinica Malpensa (ITA)

I had an amazing training experience with Dr. Spugnini, which gave me hands-on experience with the use of ECT in patients.

Dr. Denner Santos Dos Anjos , Eletronkovet - Franca (BR)

I have spent a few weeks training with Enrico and it was some of the best training I have received as a veterinarian.

Dr. Andrew Vaughan, Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty

I recently attended Enrico Spugnini’s electrochemotherapy training, treating tumours with his invention, the OnkoDisruptor. It was a very informative, intense and enjoyable session over a period of four days. The eye-opening experience gave me a completely different viewpoint on treating localised cancers. I can only predict that the OnkoDisruptor will be very frequently used in our practice.

My husband and I recently attended four days of electrochemotherapy training in Rome with oncologist, Enrico Spugnini. My husband, who deals with most of the oncology cases in our practice, had heard of Enrico’s work in electrochemotherapy and of the OnkoDisruptor, a device developed by Enrico. We had a fascinating four days observing the treatment of a number of interesting oncology cases in different veterinary clinics in Rome. Enrico is an excellent teacher, clearly explaining his method of treatment and demonstrating the use of the OnkoDisruptor. Enrico treated us like family friends, taking us to local restaurants for lunch each day and sharing his vast knowledge of Roman history on the trips between clinics. Enrico has promised us continued support in the treatment of our oncology cases which is much appreciated. We can highly recommend the training offered by Enrico Spugnini and his team.

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