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Biopulse Italy is the sole source of such equipment specifically developed for Veterinary profession. Onkodisruptor® VECT-Exp has been purchased from many specialized veterinary clinics and universities around the world.

The Electroporator, designated as Onkodisruptor®, is a state of the art of the electrochemotherapy ECT  apparatus which is the evolution of the electroporators successfully used by our group over the past ten years. The characteristics of the train of permeabilizing waveforms, as well as the configuration of the novel electrodes specifically developed for this equipment, make the Onkodisruptor® a unique product. Regarding the unique features of our product we state that the novel pulses are 2 times faster than the previously developed electroporation systems and cause 2 times less discomfort to the animal.

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Our scientific team led by Dr. Enrico Pierluigi Spugnini and Dr. Alfonso Baldi has published in the last 10 years many articles on Electroporation and Electrochemotherapy. These studies have allowed us to design and improve the electroporator Onkodisruptor® VECT-Exp.

OnkoDisruptor VECT-EXP

The Electroporator generates a train of 8 biphasic pulses that have been stabilized by a dedicated software program. Such pulses have an interpulse of 10 microseconds and have a 50+50 microseconds duration. The instrument voltage goes from 300 up to 1500 volts and is regulated by the operator. An acoustic signal is generated each time the apparatus successfully discharges the train of pulses and there is a safety switch that triggers an autodischarge program if the impulses are not delivered within 30 seconds.

Electroporator Onkodisruptor® conforms EU certifications: EN 60950/55011/61000-6-1/61000-6-3

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News & Events

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Electrochemotherapy palliation of an oral squamous cell carcinoma in an African hedgehog Available Online from 15 December 2018

Masterclass in Veterinary Oncology – Milan (Italy)

MASTERCLASS IN VETERINARY ONCOLOGY Milan (Italy)  February 15, 2019. The oncology masterclass will present the innovative techniques about animal tumor

Inteview with Dr. Paola Valenti: Electrochemotherapy in Veterinary Oncology


Onkodisruptor Electroporator : The first study on the treatment of human cancer.

Successful Treatment of a Keratoacanthoma with Electrochemotherapy: A Case Report of human skin cancer We report the first study on the

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  • Our equipments are manufactured with the highest quality standards.

  • We assist our clients step by step providing technical and scientific support 24h/7d.

  • Our customers have a very high satisfaction rate and a short ROI.
  • We support ethical treatment of animals and our studies are completely cruelty free.
  • Electroporator Onkodisruptor® is unique and there are no other electroporators on the market with the same characteristics and Scientific Results.

  • Our partner and manufacturer is a certified company UNIEN ISO 9001 and UNIEN ISO 13485.

Electroporator Quality Standards

Beware of imitations, many products on the market as well as not producing any scientific and clinical outcome can be dangerous for patients and operators.

Onkodisruptor is the undisputed leader in the veterinary field with a vast scientific production and an unrivaled customer satisfaction.



Electroporator OnkoDisruptor® VECT-EXP, must be used for veterinary adjuvant or neadjuvant electrochemotherapy ECT in companion animalsequine, exotics and laboratory animals. This apparatus must be exclusively used under the supervision of a qualified veterinary doctor.

The possibility of delivering traditional drugs and new synthetic molecules through equipment which facilitates the specific uptake by the tumor cells, will allow for a signifcant reduction of unwanted side effects, while maintaining, or even increasing, the pharmacological efficacy.

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